Back Safety

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No matter how fit and healthy employees may be, it is still important to know how to avoid situations where injury to the back could occur.  Surveys have shown that three quarters of all employees will have to deal with a bad back in their lifetime at least once. As most back problems occur doing everyday things at work or home it is important to follow back safety precautions in every situation.

This DVD covers ‘how to keep your back safe’ in the work environment and at home. It covers all subjects including controlling your weight to avoid added strain and exercises that can help to keep your back in the best condition.

The DVD includes:

  • A detailed look at the back and how it works.
  • The most common ways people end up injuring their back and associated injuries.
  • How injuring your back can affect your life.
  • How to prevent injury to stay safe.
  • How to lift correctly.
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