Avoiding the Workforce Crisis: How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills and Talent Stanford Executive Brief with Tamara Erickson

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Employers today are discovering the obstacles created by generational differences and demographic trends. Fewer people are joining the workforce and those who are entering have overall lower qualifications and skills but higher expectations. In Avoiding the Workforce Crisis, author and Harvard Business Review McKinsey Prize winner Tamara Erickson provides insight into how to attract the best workers.

Erickson discusses employee perspective by generation and provides methods that will attract skilled individuals – and retain them! Businesses who want to find success need a strong workforce to meet goals. Erickson will show viewers how to offer more flexibility while engaging employees by giving what they do personal value and meaning. The audience will discover:

  • Why so many members of generations X and Y are actively searching for new jobs
  • What the bell shaped career path is and how to keep Boomers in the loop
  • How to create leaders without threatening the balance so many employees seek
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