Attitude: Radiating Possibility! with Ben Zander

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Attitude can have a strong impact in any organization. Attitude Radiating Possibility takes a closer look at the role attitudes play in a business environment.

This training program features Ben Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. Zander presents an amazing discussion on how to dissolve the mental barriers that stop us from making connections with others. Employees at all levels, from top tier executives to the new hire, can learn how to explore a world that's packed with limitless possibility. The material is relevant and moving, and can help individuals in any industry reach their goals and overcome fear. Attitude: Radiating Possibility will:

  • Encourage individuals to sit in the front row and participate in their lives
  • Show how a mistake can turn into a valuable learning experience
  • Explain how to silence the little voice inside that often says "I can't"
  • Improve overall outlook and encourage individuals to be contributors
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