Asbestos Awareness

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Any employee that has to work with or around asbestos should be trained appropriately.  OSHA has established standards under regulation 29. There are four individual classifications for people who fall into this category. The first three classifications cover people who might come across asbestos if they drill into or move materials that contain it. The fourth class covers workers that are sent in knowing that asbestos is present as a clean-up operation.

There are still many buildings and materials that were built before the dangers of asbestos were made clear.  The people that work within these older buildings need to be aware of the potential health issues of not only themselves but others in the building.  Even temporary or permanent maintenance workers and janitors are at risk.

This product has been created to make workers aware of the health problems that can arise from being around asbestos so that they can adequately protect themselves and others. The product covers:

  • Asbestos dangers.
  • Where asbestos comes from and its make up.
  • OSHA’s expected standards.
  • Materials that could possibly be contaminated and the areas to watch out for.
  • Protecting yourself from possible asbestos exposure.
  • How to decontaminate and monitor the air for contaminants.
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