Another Look: Defining Respect in Healthcare

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In the healthcare industry, employees are exposed to individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. From the patients that they care for to their coworkers, the people that each employee interacts with deserve respect, but all too often there are barriers to providing that respect. This training breaks down these barriers by helping employees discover biases, prejudices and assumptions that impede their ability to interact respectfully with every person that they encounter every day.

This training uses the C.A.R.E. model to help employees promote respect in the workplace:

Consider the other person before you act

Accept that no two people are the same and everyone has differences

Respect the way others feel about issues and concerns

Engage in the process at hand

What They'll Learn

  • The C.A.R.E. model, a simple way to guide behavior to ensure that patients and coworkers are all given the respect that they are due.
  • Why respect is so important in health care settings when dealing with both team members and patients.
  • The meaning of cultural competence and why it is vital to all types of healthcare settings.
  • Awareness of how their own cultural backgrounds and beliefs affect how they treat others and behave in certain situations
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