Age-specific Care: Toddlers Through Teens

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26 minutes
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This age-specific care video covers toddlers through teens carefully describing the characteristics, cultural considerations and care guidelines for each stage of development.  Age-specific care and cultural competency are a major focus the Joint Commission and this program will help educate employees to meet the standard.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Toddler through teen age characteristics
  • Cultural Competency & Ethnocentrism
  • Watching for motor skills development
  • Watching for hearing or vision problems
  • Watching for common signs or variations which signal health issues
  • Offering parenting skills
  • Car seat awareness toddlers and young children
  • Teaching parents methods to avoid cold and flu.
  • Limiting stranger anxiety for toddlers
  • Reporting of suspected abuse
  • Pregnancy privacy and reporting rules
  • Alcohol, drugs and sexuality issues in pre-teens and teens
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  • Age Specific Care Series
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