After All, You're the Supervisor DVD

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18 minutes
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Designed to strengthen supervisory skills, this training module offers a complete guide to effective leadership. Ideal for both new and experienced leaders, it tells the story of a recently promoted Customer Service Representative who is excited but overwhelmed in his new role. Along with struggling to make the transition from employee to supervisor, Alec must get his team to trust his leadership and decision making abilities.

With guidance and mentoring from his manager, Alec develops the skills needed to be a success in his new supervisory role. An exceptional course, eight characteristics of a successful supervisor are shared with participants. This includes the following steps or processes:

  • Accepting the supervisory role.
  • Prioritizing new duties and tasks.
  • Being available to the team.
  • Fostering a positive work environment.
  • Having open communication with everyone on the team including upper management.
  • Learning to effectively delegate.
  • Handling discipline.
  • Providing feedback.
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