Advanced Body Language: Nonverbal Communication Skills for Greater Understanding with Bill Acheson

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Words are not the only aspect of communication that affects your ability to be success in your personal and professional life. Non-verbal communication at the sub-conscious level can influence the way others think about us and can be a powerful tool to help us connect with others. Body language can give both subtle and obvious messages. This hilarious, information packed program hosted by Bill Acheson will teach you how to project confidence and influence success. Bill takes us through the many aspects of non-verbal communication such as touch, smell, posture, gestures, the tone of your voice, facial expressions and eye contact.

Bill Acheson is an internationally acclaimed body language expert who speaks with an engaging style that will captivate any audience. Make sure that your staff has the training they need in this important area of communication.

Main Training Points:

  • Become more aware of body language and how it affects communication.
  • How males and females gesture differently.
  • The different types of handshakes and what each one of them means.
  • How to project your personal power in your everyday communication
  • How to detect if people are lying to you. And much more.
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