Activating the Laws of Attraction with Jack Canfield

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200 minutes
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The Law of Attraction is at work in our lives whether we know it or not. The world-famous Jack Canfield takes through powerful stories that provide sage advice on how to use this law to your advantage. Believing in yourself and your own success is a powerful tool in accomplishing your dreams. Jack will teach you the critical steps that will enable you to attract abundance, health and positive relationships. Virtually any goal is achievable when you are in touch with what you want and ready to receive it.

Jack Canfield is an international acclaimed speaker and author who a collaborator on the movie The Secret. His books have sold over 100 million copies.

Training Points:

  • How the law of attraction will multiple your personal power.
  • How thinking big and truly believing in your success works wonders.
  • Outlines the main reasons people fail in life and how to avoid them.
  • 7 ways to clarify your vision.
  • How being grateful is a powerful tool for success.
  • And more.
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