Actions Speak! Behavior-based Interviewing

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24 minutes
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A Behavioral Interviewing Program

Dr. Paul Green has established himself as one of the world's foremost experts on behavioral interviewing and for good reason.  He is the brains behind the best selling interviewing program in history, More Than a Gut Feeling.  Dr. Green is back with a new take on the subject with Actions Speak.  It has been 30 years since the original program was produced and Dr. Green felt it was time to share new insights.

The past three decades have seen a lot of changes in Behavioral Interviewing and in this new program, Dr. Green seeks to cover the new aspects that his original film did not cover. 

This new, entertaining film is set in a broadcast television studio where the host and guest are rehearsing for the evening's show.  They have brought in a manager to speak about a new book on interviewing, however, the manager fails miserably due to his lack of knowledge on the subject.  Luckily, Dr. Paul Green joins them and sets the manager straight on the proper techniques to do an interview.

In this comprehensive program the following training is covered:

  • The composition of interviewing questions based on the job description.
  • The composition of legally defendable interviewing questions.  
  • How to get the candidate to reveal past behaviors that will predict future performance.
  • How to read non-verbal cues that indicate the need for follow-up.
  • How silence is an important part of the interview.
  • How to steer clear of the “like me”
  • How to respect and manage silence
  • How to avoid the "like me" trap.
  • How to get your candidate to divulge personal character attributes like honesty.
  • Seeking reverse information

Based on the most undeniably important fact about interviewing, "Past actions predict future performance," this well-produced program combines a story that will keep the viewer's interest, information-packed content and excellent acting to weave together an effective course for a new generation of behavioral interviewers.

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