Accident Investigation

Within the first ten days of 2014 the New York Times reported on at least 3 different workplace accidents that involved serious injury to workers. Unfortunately accidents are a part of a every industrial business. Fault for these accidents can lie with the equipment and funding used, facilities, and people without the proper regulation and training to handle and prevent accidents. When accidents happen in the workplace employers need to have a method to not only prevent them from happening but to evaluate the causation for them. Accident investigation is the method used to determine how and why these hazardous failures occur. Companies that have these investigatory measures set in place significantly decrease their incidents in the work environment for their workers. Employers need people with accident investigation training to help their business as well as their staff function effectively. TrainingABC offers a library of safety accident investigation videos for your training needs. Check out these training videos and view the free previews on the product description of each training session. [ continue reading ]
There is another side to the coin of accident investigation and that is incident reporting. Incidents are unplanned events that may impede the completion of a work task but do not necessarily end in injury or property damage. These can be considered near misses and are just as important of making note of as accidents. Incident reporting is the more preemptive side to workplace accident safety. These types of reports allow employers to know where there is potential for calamity and set up measures for all employees to follow to ensure that there are safety guidelines in place. provides incident reporting training up their accident investigation banner.

There are currently no definitive standards in place for accident investigations. However, twenty-five states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have OSHA-approved State Plans set in place for accident investigation. These plans mimic Federal OSHA guidelines. According to OSHA workplace safety protocol, “an effective safety and health program depends on the credibility of management's involvement in the program, inclusion of employees in safety and health decisions, rigorous worksite analysis to identify hazards and potential hazards, including those which could result from a change in worksite conditions or practices, stringent prevention and control measures, and thorough training.” With this in mind it is clear how imperative it is to have an employer place priority on safety.

Where there is potential risk a company should be prepared to watch its own back and that of their workers in order to keep things running in an orderly fashion. Accidents can lead to loss of employees and possible shutdown. Yet, not having properly trained accident investigators in the first place can lead to the potential for legal issues with former workers and/or their families. Turning to can prove to be the best decision an employer ever had to facilitate a safely functioning work environment.
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