A System in Crisis: Finding a Solution for Health Care in America Stanford Executive Brief with Robert Pearl, MD

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Health care is a hot topic in America. Dr. Robert Pearl, CEO of the country’s largest medical group, believes that it is possible to dramatically lower costs and raise quality of care in hospitals and doctor’s offices throughout the U.S. The process won’t be easy, and Dr. Pearl has no illusions about the obstacles that stand in the way. Still he pushes on to help educate and inform others of this possible solution to the ongoing healthcare crisis.

In A System in Crisis, Dr. Pearl suggests both economic and legislative reform. He believes in collaborative care and the power of information technology advancements. The problem must be addressed with leadership, shared vision and commitment. Dr. Pearl strives to help establish a system that makes sure every patient is given access to the same level of health care.

Dr. Pearl’s expertise comes from years spent in the industry. He has published more than 100 informative medical journal articles and was the visiting professor at Stanford Business School, Harvard School of Public Health and Duke University School of Medicine. Viewers can learn much from this Yale University graduate, including:

  • How to bring health care to the 40 to 50 million U.S. residents without insurance
  • Why the best approach is to reward prevention to help stop disease
  • How to make this system a reality
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