A Leader's Legacy Stanford Executive Brief with Jim Kouzes

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You don’t have to hold the top position within an organization to be a leader. Every day, many people across all tiers of a single company takes on this role. It’s vital that individuals take the initiative to set a good example. Leaders are trendsetters that influence the morale and atmosphere in your organization.

A Leader’s Legacy includes methods and tips taken from 25 years’ worth of research. Obtain valuable insight with Jim Kouzes as he discusses the issues that modern leaders struggle with, these include why failure must be an option, why trust is so important and how to encourage everyone you meet to step up and become the leader they can be.

The discussion covers a wide range of leadership-focused topics as Kouzes explains the importance of making sure the people you lead know what is important to you. Closeness is sometimes intimidating for someone taking on the role of leader, but it makes communication easier, especially when you must share bad news.

Jim Kouzes has coauthored a long list of leadership books, including The Leadership Challenge and A Leader’s Legacy. He is the former president and CEO of Tom Peters Company and was listed among the Wall Street Journal’s 12 most requested “non-university executive education providers” to companies in the United States. This program will:

  • Explain how to create your vision and get others on board
  • Reveal the importance of day to day activities that make you a stronger leader
  • Share methods that can make your employees 2.5 times more likely to be happy with their jobs
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