A Leader's Guide to Delegating

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One characteristic of every strong leader is the ability to effectively delegate. Effective delegation however goes far beyond simply assigning a task, project or duty.  Instead, it requires a strategic plan to ensure its success. This plan is presented in this course in five easy to follow steps. These steps not only address successful completion of the project, but also adherence to a timeline. As  important, effective delegation not only helps the manager, but will also allow employees to develop new skills resulting in a boost in morale and overall productivity.

Suitable for both novice and experienced leaders, participants in this course will be trained in the following stepss.

  • How to examine the project, i.e. Setting clear goals, deadlines and objectives for the task.
  • Selecting who to delegate the task to because choosing the right candidate is a crucial step in effective delegation. Some areas participants will be taught to review include skill, experience and attitude.
  • How to assign the task, i.e. Giving clear, detailed instructions and providing access to needed resources and support.
  • Building a support team to aid in the delegate’s success. In this section, participants will be taught how to rally other team members as supporters to help with problem, questions or other concerns.
  • Gathering feedback, i.e., conducting regular meetings to monitor success and answer further questions about the project. 


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