A Grander Goal

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A Grander Goal is not your typical management training course. Offering a fresh approach to leadership, it prepares men and women to lead using simple human concepts such as love and forgiveness. It further teaches both character building and personal responsibility.

The course is taught using the example of a former professional athlete named Stone from Uganda. Having been injured intentionally by another player, Stone finds himself no longer able to play the sport he once loved. Still, Stone harbors no bitterness or ill will towards his opponent. This act of love and forgiveness inspires him to become a mentor to young men who have lost hope. Initiated by two Americans, Michael and Laura Timmis, Stone becomes the coach of a soccer team. In his practices, he uses his personal life experience as a tool for helping these young men to cope and overcome their personal circumstances.

Written by Dr. Stephen Covey, the author of the renowned self-help book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and both founder and chair of the Covey Leadership Center, A Grander Goal will cause one to examine his/her own personal character and morals.  It is an inspiring course that will prepare as well as train participants to:

  • Recognize the traits of successful leaders.

  • Understand the importance of mentorship and how it will benefit their individual departments and the organization overall.

  • Adjusting and adapting to change.

  • Identify how individual choices affect outcome.

An inspiring story, this course is suitable for leaders in a variety of organizations and roles including non-profit, government, education as well as corporations. 

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