A Blueprint for Change: Market-Based Solutions for Global Poverty Stanford Business Brief with Jacqueline Novogratz

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Did you know that a mere 2/3rds of the world’s 4 billion people make around $4 or less each day? Sadly these same poverty-stricken individuals are forced to pay higher prices for basic necessities because of inadequate distribution and a dwindling supply. This includes things many take for granted, like proper health care and clean, safe water.

This presentation features Jacqueline Novogratz as she shares the power of entrepreneurial spirit can allow us to begin connecting to these poor regions to help them improve their living conditions and lifestyle. Novogratz stresses a unique approach which skips wasteful spending or investing in philanthropic projects and giveaways to instead empower the people in need by establishing a steady source of business and income. Many of the most desperate and impoverished communities in the world could be transformed using the methods described here.

Jacqueline Novogratz once served as Manager of Special Projects for the Rockefeller Foundation. She now works to develop her Acumen Fund, a global venture that takes the entrepreneurial approach to finding viable solutions to poverty issues all over the world.  During her time at the Rockefeller Foundation, Novogratz established the Philanthropy Workshop which created a network of 100 philanthropists throughout the United States and Argentina.  She also founded the Next Generation Leadership and consulted for UNICEF and the World Bank in Africa. Through A Blueprint for Change, viewers can:

  • Learn more about how poverty effects people all over the world
  • Discover that it can be ethical to earn a profit when helping poor families
  • Gain insight from someone with a background in business and philanthropy
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