A Better Way

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An inspirational course, A Better Way tells the story of three business owners from the region of  South Africa. Although faced with different challenges, these retailers overcome numerous obstacles to become successful and profitable entrepreneurs. One retailer must confront an array of vendors who sell produce and other items outside of his store. Along with distracting from his business, these vendors often leave debris behind making the overall area look unkept. Another retailer must overcome the disadvantage of being in a poor location. Seems he is quite a distance from public transportation making it difficult for some customers to access him. Finally, a grocery store owner wants to expand his sale of fresh fish. However, problems with storage threaten to affect his ability to provide customers with a quality product.

Each business owner finds creative ways to increase profitability and enhance customer satisfaction. They must think outside of the box and come up with innovative ways to fix their problems. This includes strategies like.

  • Providing street vendors with promotional products such as hats that display the store owner’s business name and logo. Along with marketing the store, this solution eventually showed cooperation and actually stengthened the customer base.
  • Equipping street vendors working directly outside of the store with brooms and other tools to aid in keeping their areas tidy and neat thus improving the store’s overall appearance.
  • Developing new strategies for purchasing and storing perishable products like fresh fish which resulted  in better quality and increased profits.
  • Opening a second store closer to public transportation until a more permanent change could be made. This solution made the customers happy and eventually resulted in expansion. .

Great for business owners and team leaders, A Better Way will encourage the adopting of the successful concept of “win-win”. Additionally, the module teaches team building skills and techniques such as cooperation and mutual respect resulting in both personal and organizational advancement. 

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