Through the Customer's Eyes

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It’s not always easy to know how a customer perceives you.  In Through the Customer’s Eyes, we explore this concept in an amusing, unique way – with a customer on the edge ready to jump!

This program can be shown alone or with the prequel, If Looks Could Kill. In the prequel, we see how thoughtless actions and behavior can lead to unhappy customers. In Through the Customer’s Eyes, we explore the situation from the customer’s standpoint. 

Mrs. Porter has been dealing with customer service frustrations to the point that she’s ready to jump – from the ledge outside of Starmore’s department store. Inspector Thackeray of the CSS (Customer Service Squad) shows up on the scene and takes charge, convincing the customer to step inside. He immediately begins to investigate what caused the incident.

He follows Mrs. Porter’s path and finds a number of infractions. She was ignored, treated poorly and forgotten by staff. He also shows how Mrs. Porter would have responded in a positive way if she had been treated to excellent service. 

The staff at Starmore learns that they must acknowledge customers and apologize for delays. They also find that non-selling tasks are a lower priority than serving the customer and that they must know when to call the manager to resolve problems. Most importantly they learn to respect the customer and his or her purchases.

Through the Customer’s Eyes emphasizes how skilled sales staff can benefit everyone by meeting customer expectations and being friendly. Good service also presents an environment for selling service and accessories. By viewing this program, sales staff can learn more about how their behavior impacts the customer’s experience. 

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