Michael S. Melnik

Back injuries are exceptionally common in any workplace, from an office setting to a large warehouse. Training employees to prevent injuries saves the company time and money as well as improves employee morale, and our back safety videos cover various topics, tips, and tricks that make your workplace and practices safe.

These videos are hosted by renowned occupational therapist Michael Melnik. For over two decades, Melnik has worked to train millions of participants on back and lifting safety with a unique, active approach that truly gets people involved and motivated.

Broken down into several videos, each covers a different area, allowing you to pinpoint exactly what types of safety training apply to your specific conditions. Anyone and any business benefits from A Bit About Backs, Take Five for Health, and Stretching Out at Work. Focusing on Melnik’s passion for prevention, each video covers various tips that help your employees not only stay injury free, but also improve their performance on the job. Our lifting safety videos cover how the back works and clearly show employees exactly what happens when they lift improperly, spend too long sitting or standing, or fail to utilize basic ergonomic principles.

To round out our selection, we offer several dedicated videos that not only cover safety basics, but also provide ample tips and tricks for getting everybody on your staff on board with the new ideas. When it comes to back safety, there is no better trainer in the business than Melnik, and with our videos you can invite him right into your meeting room.
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