Managing the Drug-Free Workplace

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Watch a preview clip from the video portion of this course.
Watch a preview clip from the video portion of this course.
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Several states require training and education for managers and supervisors regarding the drug-free workplace. This is becoming more common as drug and alcohol abuse becomes more prevalent. And with these abuses come increased absences and lower productivity, along with an increased risk of accidents and injuries on the job. Thus, whether training is required at your organization or not, being able to identify drug and alcohol use with employees can be of great benefit to your managerial team. And, when the manager identifies or suspects substance abuse, how do they respond?

This training DVD will answer all of these questions and more. Cost-effective and less time-consuming than attending a workshop, this course will meet or even exceed these training requirements. Other information and knowledge shared in this video include:

  • Behaviors that may indicate drug/alcohol impairment such as slurred speech, mood changes, tremors/shakes, paranoia or angry outbursts.
  • Changes in job performance and work patterns that may point to a problem.
  • How to talk to employees who potentially abuse drugs/alcohol.
  • Legal issues and limitations presented by the ADA and FMLA.
  • Resources to assist in rehabilitation.
  • Knowing your organization’s drug-free workplace policies.
  • The importance of documentation and confidentiality.
  • Personnel matters and how the company can aid in the recovery process.

With dramatic scenarios and a wealth of information, this video will give your leaders the tools they will need to help in building and maintaining a drug-free workplace.

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