Let's Talk Series 2-Park Series: Harassment and Respect

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This series has 2 programs:

Bullying is a hot topic when it comes to the workplace these days. AB 2053 CA and other new legislation have been introduced to help prevent abusive conduct. This legislation also provides a clear legal definition for harassment, which helps everyone identify it when they see it in the workplace.

Our Lets Talk series offers a valuable training series that focuses on these vital topics. The information is presented in a concise format that’s easy to understand and informative. The viewer is engaged while learning how to stop harassment to nurture a workplace that is productive, positive and respectful to all.

Harassment – It Happens! covers all aspects of harassment in a work environment. Learn what it is and how it can negatively influence people and the organization they are a part of. We explore effective remedies as well as legal definitions that every employee should understand. Learn about Quid Pro Quo harassment, sexual harassment and hostile work environment harassment. This guide covers a lot of ground in a way that is engaging and memorable. Learn about Tangible Employment Action, Vicarious Employment Action Liability and other legal concepts related to harassment.

Respect – It Matters emphasizes professionalism and its role in creating a respectful workplace. Respect is a word everyone has heard but can’t always clearly define. This program creates a connection between professionalism and respect. Viewers are engaged through 9 minutes of information that shows respect and professionalism in action as well as unprofessional and unproductive behaviors and the negative impact they have on an organization.

Viewers will discover:

  • What harassment is
  • The influence harassment has on an organization
  • Legal definitions related to harassment
  • Remedies that help prevent and stop harassment
  • How professionalism is related to respectful work environments
  • Examples of disrespect, like bullying, harassment, stereotyping & gossiping
  • Examples of respect, like asking for input and using a person’s name
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