Let's Talk Series 2-Park Series: Harassment and Bullying

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This series has 2 programs:

Bullying is a big concern in the workplace. New legislation, like AB 2053 CA, has led to better training methods that are designed to help prevent this type of conduct. Lets Talk provides a convenient solution that provides excellent training that helps define harassment while providing methods to prevent and/or stop it.

This training program addresses these common issues in an understandable way that is informative and concise. Viewers can watch standalone programs that offer complementary material for a well-rounded approach to encouraging respect while stopping harassment before it starts in the workplace.

Harassment – It Happens! Starts with a clear definition of harassment. Viewers discover how harassment can impact organizations and individuals. Learn how to remedy the problem as soon as you identify it. The program explains Quid Pro Quo harassment with an expanded definition that addresses sexual harassment as well as hostile work environment harassment. Learn how to deal with all of these harassment related situations while applying legal concepts like Tangible Employment Action or Vicarious Employment Action Liability. The information provided will equip viewers with the knowledge they need to create a positive, productive workplace that is free of harassment!

Bullying, Abusive Conduct and Their Consequences complements the first program with information on bullying. Viewers learn about abusive conduct and the way these situations influence all involved. Discover effective remedies while understanding the legal definition of bullying. This add-on program is a great choice when viewed alongside legally-required harassment training materials.

Lets Talk will:

  • Define harassment
  • Define abusive conduct and bullying
  • Reveal how harassment and bullying impact everyone
  • Explain legal definitions viewers need to know
  • Provide remedies that work
  • Great Minds on Respect, Tolerance and Diversity
  • The Great Minds Series
  • Extraordinary - Revised Edition
  • Think Again: An Innovation & Creativity Meeting Opener
  • Are We Really So Different You and I? a Diversity Meeting Opener
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