HAZCOM for Healthcare: A GHS Overview

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Healthcare employees take pride in caring for their patients with expertise and empathy. But many of the healthcare workers are not aware of the chemical hazards in their facilities and this can easily lead to injuries to them and the patients. Globally Harmonized System (GHS) by OSHA was developed to minimize the risk of chemical hazards in healthcare facilities by reducing ambiguity with identification and labeling procedures of chemical substances. The new Hazard communication standard or HAZCOM with the GHS makes the chemical labeling uniform across facilities to increase understanding and compliance and to minimize errors. With this unambiguous labeling system the workers can know and understand the chemical hazards they may encounter and keep themselves and their patients safe.

This training program is designed to familiarize the employees to this universal system of dealing with chemicals and chemical hazards. It includes-

  • Classification of Hazards
  • Understanding the health risks involved
  • Learn about the universal labeling system
  • Parts of a label
  • Nine Universal Pictograms
  • Identifying labels in workplace
  • Using and accessing SDS
  • Written protocol to manage chemical hazards
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