Customer-Centric Innovation with Lara Lee

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Lara Lee was named among the Business Week 25 “Masters of Innovation” in 2006. She was vice president of Harley Davidson Enthusiast Services Division and earned an MBA/MA at the Lauder Institute and Wharton School. In Customer-Centric Innovation, Lee discusses the importance of customers and how to interact with them.

Throughout the conversation, viewers will learn how to listen to customers and discover what is on their mind. They can find ways to solve customer problems, fulfill dreams and let them know that you really do care. By putting the customer at the center of your plan for growth, you will be prepared to reach goals and be successful.

Lee guides the program as it provides an intense, in depth look at customers and effective ways to grow with them in mind. She outlines her five key practices, which include agility, leadership, commitment, clarity and empathy. Viewers will learn how to take calculated risks by cutting losses early and establishing a shared sense of direction among employees. Customer-Centric Innovation will:

  • Explain the five methods for sustained innovation via customer focus
  • Share how customer awareness turned famous tech company Apple around
  • Outline the traits of a good customer-centric leader
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