Communication Skills That Work with Marilyn Sherman

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Most people hate confrontation and will go out of their way to avoid it. This video based seminar featuring Marilyn Shermann will teach you how to approach confrontation when it is unavoidable and how communicate effective and avoid confrontation entirely. You will learn how to stand up to workplace bullies and speak what is on your mind without fear. In addition, you will understand the communication skills that boost confidence and reduce unnecessarily conflict. This program is perfect for any employee from executives to managers to the newest employee in the organization.

Marilyn Sherman is a hotly sought after speaker who boasts Starbucks, Coca Cola and the Ritz-Carlton as companies she who have hired her. She uses an engaging style which features humor and examples that any employee can relate to.

Training Points:

  • Explains the four most common communication styles.
  • Shows specific steps that will assist you in becoming more assertive.
  • Gives you specifics on what to say when confronting other people.
  • How to avoid conflict that is unnecessary and hurtful.
  • How to get more cooperation and enjoy more harmony at home and at work.
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