"Can I Ask That?" Legal Interviewing — the "TAKEAWAY" for Managers™

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Do your supervisors and managers understand how to conduct a legal job interview? “Can I Ask That?” Legal Interviewing – The Takeaway for Managers provides easy to use tips and information that shows how to properly conduct an interview without breaking discrimination laws. The material is concise and conversational to maximize information retention. Viewers are presented with short vignettes that show the material applied in real life situations.

“Can I Ask That?” Legal Interviewing provides 10 minutes of viewing that cover four key learning points. This series focuses on “takeaways” or one sentence long summaries that make it easier to digest the information. Viewers will learn what can and cannot be asked when performing a legally complaint interview. Learn how to frame questions so they are not discriminatory against any kind of applicant. Improper questions can open companies up to lawsuits, which is why it is so important that all individuals involved in hiring fully understand how to legally interview candidates. Learn how to provide reasonable accommodations for candidates who need it and how to respect privacy when asking questions.

“Can I Ask That?” will:

  • List questions that should not be asked and explain why
  • Show interviewers how to frame questions
  • Discuss interviewee privacy and how to respect it
  • Explain how to provide reasonable accommodations when interviewing
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