Aerial Lifts in Industrial and Construction Environments

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There are many jobs in the workplace that can require you to use an aerial lift. The most common would of course be at a construction site, but others you may not have even considered are to change a bulb in a building with a high ceiling and even decorating. Without an aerial lift you would be unlikely to be able to reach such heights safely.

This DVD has been created to help train employees who will need to use aerial lifts. It takes you through the different kinds of lifts and highlights potential hazards of using one incorrectly. The DVD also covers how to use the aerial lifts safely whether they are going to use the lift themselves or have to work near one.

This training DVD covers:

  • The different aerial lift types and training necessary to use them.
  • Hazards that you should be aware of.
  • Inspecting the worksite before use.
  • How to set up, operate and move the lift.
  • Everything you should know when on ground level near to the lift
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