Acting with Power with Deborah Gruenfeld

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If you want to be successful, you have to know how to work harmoniously with others. Many people struggle with this professional obstacle, especially when issues with authority block their ability to climb the proverbial career ladder. Professor Deborah Gruenfeld brings audiences a life changing program that uses psychology to help others overcome these issues.

Gruenfeld introduces these concepts using the theater. We learn how unspoken behavior can impact how we see the larger hierarchy. This clue gives us a much clearer view than the actual words we say or arguments we make.

Luckily there are ways to control this problem. Viewers can discover how body language influences those around us. Our stance and posture when we speak can send a powerful message to others.  Gruenfeld shows viewers how to play high and low, based on whether we want to appear authoritative or approachable. The way we make others feel has a lasting impression that’s even more influential than the words we speak. With Dr. Gruenfeld, we can learn:

  • How to gain control over the visual message we send
  • The importance of our actions when interacting
  • How nonverbal cues outweigh the words we say
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