5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask

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Beneficial to any type of organization, this managerial course will strengthen your  team by equipping them with the tools they will need to be successful leaders. Using the book, Leadership Made Simple by Ed Oakley and Doug Krug as a resource, 5 Questions Every Leader Should Ask will introduce participants to the leadership method known as The Framework for Leadership™. Proven to be effective, this method teaches leaders how to ask 5 pertinent questions that will motivate and steer their team into finding creative and practical solutions to workplace problems.

These 5 questions must be presented in a specific order to ensure the team stays focused on the solution and not the problem. After completing this course, your leaders will have a new outlook and will know how to:

  • Look within their team to find solutions to workplace conflicts. No one has better ideas than those working closest to the problem.
  • Stay positive and ensure problem solving is always addressed in a positive manner.
  • Get the team invested in the process and help them become critical thinkers.
  • Put  ideas and solutions into action.

Book co-author Ed Oakley also acts as a facilitator in this video course. Along with the 5 questions, he will share testimonies from organizational leaders who have successfully implemented The Framework strategy. Upon completion, your leaders will be challenged with exercises or classroom projects meant to teach real life application skills.


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