43 Days

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"43 Days" is a provocative film that takes a hard look at the dangers of becoming a runaway, particularly the risk of sexual exploitation of teen girls by ruthless pimps. This narrative program, loosely based on actual events, follows the ordeal of a young girl who makes an impulsive decision to run away from her group home.

While the actual number is not known, it is believed that more than 300,000 children are currently victims of sex trafficking in the United States. The effect this crime has on society and it's victims is difficult to understand and even more difficult to address. "43 Days" gives realistic insight into these issues and is a special educational tool for teachers, social workers, police officers, parents, caretakers and teenagers - incorporating strong storytelling with powerful visuals and contemporary music.

The film relays the hazards of the street and desperate choices that a child may feel forced to make when hungry and homeless. As the story unfolds, the pimp's manipulation of the child takes various forms as she is exposed to drugs, violence, humiliation, charm, and the illusion that the pimp actually cares for those he controls.

The emotional impact of the film allows for the possibility of an honest and forthright discussion. Please note that this film in its presentation contains realisitic content and suggestive depictions of violence and sexuality.

Winner - Aurora Award - Platinum Best of Show - Issue Awareness and Training

Package Includes: 23 minute VHS or DVD

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