Elder Abuse And Neglect: Show You Care

With increasing number of Baby boomers going into retirement, the number of elder abuse and neglect will only rise. This training program is an important educative material for preparing your healthcare employees to provide and safety and caring environment for their elderly residents. This program will teach them to detect early signs of abuse even when the subtle forms are in play. Different types of abuse are explained in this program so that no case will go unrecognized and unreported. It will also training them to manage elderly abuse and neglect cases from a legal point of view. 

  • Different types of elder abuse and neglect
  • Identify understated types of abuse
  • Identify elders at the greatest risk
  • Familiarize yourself with existing elder abuse guidelines and policies
  • Formulate effective policies and guidelines.

Our price: $295.00

Total Price:
Video Length 20 minutes

Product Contents:

  • 20 minute English and Spanish versions on DVD
  • Customizable PowerPoint
  • Training Points
  • Chapterized Content
  • Leader's Guide PDF
  • An Employee Quiz
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Abuse & Neglect: Show YOu care
Posted by Barbara Kouba on 01/16/12
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We already own this training video. It"s Excellent! I was looking for something additional to change up annual training materials. Thank You!
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